ISTE Standards

Month 1

Lamp Bot

The following ISTE Standards** can be met by completing this project:

Empowered Learner

By using the Creation Crate website and searching the blog posts students can learn to explore and find information independently. B,C

This standard is met through the construction of the project, learning to code and executing their Sketch successfully and then using their new knowledge to customize their project by making changes to the variables which control the color of the LEDs and the frequency at which they change. D

Digital Citizen

This standard can be achieve by explaining to students that the information they post on the internet can be seen by anyone. It is important that they subscribe to good moral and ethical standards when posting and understand the permanence of the information they post. A,B

Explain to students the different type of software licenses. Some software is proprietary and it is illegal and immoral to copy and use or distribute it without properly compensating the creator(s). Other software is Open Source, which allows people to use it freely as long as they adhere to specific guidelines such as giving proper credit to the creator(s) and using it as indicated. Some software may only be used freely when it is for personal use, others don’t have these limitations. C

Knowledge Constructor

By following the instructions for this project the students will learn new skills by both building and object in the physical space and they controlling it through programming in the virtual space. D

Innovative Designer

Students will first follow a specific set of instruction to program their lamp and gain an understanding of how the electronics and programming work. A,B

Then, by following the exercises at the end of the project, Students will have the opportunity to make personal decisions to attempt to change the way it work. They will use the Scientific Method to form a hypothesis as to what might happen when they make a specific change and ultimately evaluate the actual results. C,D

Computational Thinker

Programming forces students to think critically and break problems down into specific tasks/ components. One problem then need to solve is figuring out how to ensure that the lights will only turn on when it is dark. Once the lights are on, they will create a separate function that will control the color of the LEDs. C,D

Creative Communicator

Once students figure out new ways to manipulate the way the lamp functions, they can be given the opportunity to share with the rest of the class and/or post their results on the blog. C

Global Communicator

Students can be encouraged to work together in groups to solve problems they may run into during the project and/or work together to come up with creative options for programming the lamp. C

Google Tracking