Challenger Electronics
(Ages 12-Adult)

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What Are Challenger Projects?

These projects are not for beginners.
We recommend completing at least a couple of projects from the Electronics curriculum first.
Challenger projects are meant to test your knowledge and give you a functional product that you can use at home.
rover bot

Rover Bot

$49.99 USD + shipping

Build your own obstacle-avoiding autonomous vehicle and learn how to use DC motors along with an ultrasonic sensor!

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diy bluetooth speaker kit

Bluetooth Speaker

$49.99 USD + shipping

Learn all about sounds, bluetooth, pull-up and pull-down resistors to create your own bluetooth speaker!

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diy digital clock

Digital Clock

$49.99 USD + shipping

Learn how to use a Real Time Clock (RTC) module with a 7-segment display to create your very own digital clock!

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weather station kit

Weather Station

$49.99 USD + shipping

Learn about environmental sciences and measure temperature, barometric pressure, heat index and more when you create your own weather station!

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electronic projects

Challenger Pack

($199.96) ($159.96) USD + shipping

Save $40.00

Buy all the Challenger projects together and save!

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