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Challenger Pack

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Receive all our challenger projects at once and save $40! The Challenger Pack includes Obstacle Avoiding Roverbot, Bluetooth Speaker, Weather Station, and a Digital Clock.

Includes all the needed components and access to 4 online courses with step by step video tutorials and one on one customer support.

WARNING: This is a Challenger project

These projects are not for beginners. We recommend completing at least a couple of projects from the Electronics curriculum first. Challenger projects are meant to test your knowledge and give you a functional product that you can use at home.

Learning electronics and coding is easy when you have a progressive curriculum to follow. Each project becomes a little bit more challenging as you learn C++ and popular electronic components.

Mood Lamp

Project 1

Build a mood lamp that turns on and changes colors when it's dark

Audio Visualizer

Project 8

Build an audio visualizer that changes lights with the music

FM Tuner

Project 18

Build an FM tuner to scan local radio stations and connect to a speaker

Google Tracking