Creation Crate - Challenger Digital-Clock

Digital Clock

$49.99 $44.98 USD

Build a fully functioning digital clock so you are never late again. Learn how to use a Real Time Clock (RTC)module with a 7-segment display. Includes all needed components, an online course, and world class troubleshooting support.

Phase 2: Digital Alarm Clock

$24.99 USD

In phase 2, upgrade your Digital Clock with an Alarm! Learn how to program and build an infrared sensor alarm that turns off by waving your hand over the sensor.

WARNING: You will need the Digital Clock project (Phase 1) in order to complete Phase 2.

Phase 3: Puzzle Alarm Clock

$24.99 USD

Upgrade your Digital Alarm Clock with a Puzzle Alarm! In phase 3, learn how add a series of sensors and components that will need to be activiated in a randomly generated order to turn your alarm off.

WARNING: You will need the Digital Clock project (Phase 1) AND Digital Alarm Clock (Phase 2) in order to complete Phase 3.

WARNING: This is a Challenger project

These projects are not for beginners. We recommend completing at least a couple of projects from the Electronics curriculum first. Challenger projects are meant to test your knowledge and give you a functional product that you can use at home.

Learning electronics and coding is easy when you have a progressive curriculum to follow. Each project becomes a little bit more challenging as you learn C++ and popular electronic components.

Mood Lamp

Project 1

Build a mood lamp that turns on and changes colors when it's dark

Audio Visualizer

Project 8

Build an audio visualizer that changes lights with the music

FM Tuner

Project 18

Build an FM tuner to scan local radio stations and connect to a speaker

Google Tracking