Creation Crate - Challenger Rover-Bot

Obstacle Avoiding Rover Bot

$49.99 USD

Build your own obstacle-avoiding autonomous vehicle and learn how to use DC motors along with an ultrasonic sensor!

Learn concepts around electronics and programming to build your tech-literacy.

Prepare for the jobs of the future while learning how to build and program awesome electronics projects with Creation Crate!

Phase 2: Line Following Rover Bot

$24.99 USD

Upgrade your Rover Bot with line following capabilities! In Phase 2, learn how to get a Rover Bot to follow a line using infrared sensors and control functions.

WARNING: You will need the Obstacle Avoiding Roverbot project (Phase 1) in order to complete Phase 2.

WARNING: This is a Challenger project

These projects are not for beginners. We recommend completing at least a couple of projects from the Electronics curriculum first. Challenger projects are meant to test your knowledge and give you a functional product that you can use at home.

Learning electronics and coding is easy when you have a progressive curriculum to follow. Each project becomes a little bit more challenging as you learn C++ and popular electronic components.

Mood Lamp

Project 1

Build a mood lamp that turns on and changes colors when it's dark

Audio Visualizer

Project 8

Build an audio visualizer that changes lights with the music

FM Tuner

Project 18

Build an FM tuner to scan local radio stations and connect to a speaker

Google Tracking