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Grow your electronics skills and knowledge. Build awesome electronic projects and gain an understanding of electronics, coding (C++), circuitry and more in this 18 project progression.

ElectronicsFull CourseAges 12+AdultsBeginnerNo Experience Needed
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Electronics Challenger

Put your electronics, coding (C++), and circuitry knowledge to the test while creating functional projects you can use in your home.

Ages 12+IntermediateExpansion CourseAdultsElectronicsExpansion
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Be an at-home chemist with 20 hands-on projects over the course of 10 unique lessons. Discover the world of chemical courses, equations, and reactivity through safe and fun experiments.

ChemistryFull CourseAges 10+BeginnerAdultsNo Experience Needed
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Engineering (Coming Soon)

Discover new engineering concepts like engineering, control systems and more by building your very own biomechanically-controlled mech leg in this 3 project Engineering course.

EngineeringFull CourseElectronicsAges 12+AdultsBeginnerNo Experience Needed
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Junior Robotics

No coding required. Teach your little one the basics of robotics through these one-off projects. Perfect for introducing your child to the foundations of physics, engineering, and technology.

Ages 7-11Junior CourseBeginnerRoboticsPhysicsJunior
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Junior Engineering

Hands-on projects for young kids that teach engineering concepts like structures, mechanisms, physics, and beyond.

Ages 7-11Junior CourseBeginnerJuniorPhysics
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Choose any of our STEM Courses and get ready to take off into a whole new learning experience. All of Creation Crate’s STEM Courses combine hands-on learning with an online classroom to cultivate skills with real-life applications. Whether you want to solidify your understanding of chemistry concepts through awesome experiments or try your hand at building your own biomechanically-controlled mini-mechatronic, we have a STEM Course for you.

You're not the average learner, so why settle for average learning? Being prepared for tomorrow's careers has never been easier - or more fun. Choose from any of our STEM Courses and learn by doing.