Bluetooth Speaker

Project 2 out of 4

Create a speaker that connects to your phone with Bluetooth.

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How does your phone connect to a sound system, speaker, or your car and play music wirelessly? In this Challenger project, you’ll learn about Bluetooth technology and make a speaker so you can listen to whatever you want from your phone! The box that your Creation Crate Bluetooth Speaker project kit comes in will serve as the hub for your hardware and setup, so first you’ll prepare it to house the necessary components. Then, you’ll add your electronic components, including your UNO R3, breadboard, and Bluetooth module. Follow along with the step-by-step diagrams to wire your hardware and then program it using your C++ skills. You’ll take on new commands in coding, learn about Inter-Integrated Circuits and use them, and how to write code for pull-up resistors. Finish the project by completing some challenge exercises to practice what you just learned.

Milestones Unlocked

Advanced Electronics

Complex Circuitry

Intermediate C++

Bluetooth Technology


Course Progression

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Lesson Preview

Build your Bluetooth Speaker and then complete these challenge exercises to test your understanding of what you learned in this project.

  • Make the messages scroll on the LCD screen.
  • Changes the messages on the LCD screen.
  • Add another ‘mode’ to the sequence.

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