Digital Clock

Project 3 out of 4

Construct a functional Digital Clock using an RTC module. Add an alarm to stay on time.

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We use digital clocks every day, but have you ever wondered how they can keep track of the time, even when they’re not on? In this Challenger project, you’ll turn your Creation Crate box into a functional Digital Clock and learn about the electronic components that allow us to always know what time it is. You’ll set up and wire a Real-Time Clock (RTC) module and a seven-segment LED display. Once all of your hardware is assembled, you’ll write the code that will make it run. For the software portion of this project, you’ll discover many new concepts and commands, learning how to make the code shorter with functions. Once your Digital Clock is complete, take these useful skills and apply them to the challenge exercises.

Milestones Unlocked

Advanced Electronics

Complex Circuitry

Intermediate C++

Backpack Modules

Two-Wire Communication

Course Progression

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Lesson Preview

Finish building your Digital Clock project and then apply what you’ve learned to complete these challenge exercises:

  • Change the brightness of the LED screen.
  • Make the clock display times from two different time zones. Have the clock alternate between both.

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