Rover Bot

Project 1 out of 4

Build your knowledge of electronics and programming while creating an autonomous, obstacle-avoiding vehicle.

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Have you ever wondered how robots avoid obstacles in their paths? Use what you already know about electronics to unlock a deeper understanding as you build a robot rover that drives itself and avoids obstacles. Learn about ultrasonic sensors and how they evaluate targets using reflected signals, similar to radar and sonar. You’ll also learn about DC (Direct Current) motors and how they will power the Rover Bot. After you’re introduced to the components of this project and what they do, step-by-step you’ll make your Creation Crate box into the Bot, putting components inside like the UNO R3 and breadboard and attaching outside components like wheels and fins that will allow the Bot to move. After wiring your hardware, you’ll learn new coding commands and concepts, such as the #define, serial.print, pulse width modulation, and duty cycle. Complete the lesson and end up with an autonomous Rover Bot that you can level up in the additional phases.

Milestones Unlocked

Advanced Electronics

Complex Circuitry

Intermediate C++

Direct Current Motors

Pulse Width Modulation

Course Progression

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Lesson Preview

After you’ve successfully built your Rover Bot, solidify your understanding of the concepts that you’ve learned in this project by completing these additional exercises:

  • Change the speed of the motors.
  • Change the distance that the Rover Bot responds.
  • Make the Bot turn to the left instead of the right.

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