Weather Station

Project 4 out of 4

Create an environmental Weather Station that measures temperature, pressure, heat index, and more.

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If you’ve ever wondered how meteorologists measure different environmental factors such as the temperature, air pressure, or heat index, you’ll find out how in this Weather Station project. Use your Creation Crate box to build your Weather Station, attaching new electronic components including a digital humidity and temperature sensor (DHT11) and a barometric pressure sensor (BMP). You’ll also attach an LCD screen so you’ll be able to read the data collected from the sensors. After you’ve assembled the project, then you’ll add some more concepts and commands to your C++ knowledge and write a program using downloaded libraries and while loops. Instead of printing the results to the Serial Monitor, you’ll have them print to the Weather Station itself so that you can take it and use it anywhere! Let’s get started.

Milestones Unlocked

Advanced Electronics

Complex Circuitry

Intermediate C++

Environmental Science

Creating Graphics

Course Progression

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Lesson Preview

After you finish building your Weather Station, complete the following exercises to solidify your understanding of measuring environmental factors.

  • Test your code to make sure error messages are displaying as necessary.
  • Change the project so it calculates the pressure without the effects of your location.
  • Change the code to run a check on the sensors periodically.

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