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1. Choose Your Plan. Receive new experiments monthly or get the entire course all at once.

2. Delivered To Your Door. Get all the needed chemicals, tools, and supplies along with access to our education packed online classroom.

3. Learn By Doing. Discover the world of chemistry while creating fun, safe, and educational experiments.

Explore the Experiments You will get to Create

Flame Test

Learn more about metals by burning them!

Burning Magnesium

The metal behind 19th-century flash photography.

Lemon Battery

Use a lemon to... light up a diode or power a buzzer!

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Scientific Patterns


Become an at home chemist in no time

Receive Everything You Need To Experiment

From flasks and beakers to chemicals and safety gear, every kit contains all the high quality materials you need to safely conduct your experiments.

Learn The Basics Of Chemistry At Your Own Pace

Each lesson uses hands-on experiments to cover concepts like chemical elements, equations, reactivity, scientific patterns, energy, and much much more!

Follow Along Our Education Packed Online Classroom

Inside the classroom you will find tutorials, learning resources, challenges, and other material to help you get a deep understanding in the foundations of Chemistry.

Perfect For Kids Ages 10+ And Curious Parents

Pass down your enthusiasm for science to your child. We recommend a parent to help support the use of safety rules and supplies but don't worry... you will also have fun discovering the world of Chemistry.

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