Blue Magic

Project 16 out of 20

Change the color of the contents in a bottle with just a shake.

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Shake things up in this Blue Magic experiment. You’ll make a solution that will change colors when you shake it, demonstrating an oxidation-reduction reaction right before your eyes. In this experiment, you’ll learn to identify a reductant and an oxidizer and understand what role each plays in a chemical reaction. Start by setting up your experiment and gathering the equipment from your Creation Crate kit, then you’ll mix warm water and lactose in the flask. Then, you’ll add blue methylene and calcium hydroxide to the flask, mixing well after adding the rubber stopper and then letting the contents sit for a few minutes. Watch as the solution loses its color, and then reveal the blue magic by giving the flask a shake!

Milestones Unlocked

Types of Redox Reactions

Writing & Balancing Redox Reactions

Color-Changing Experiments

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You’ve scratched the surface of oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions in Lesson 7. Now, explore them further with fun, color-changing experiments. You’ll continue to deepen your understanding of these types of reactions and practice writing and balancing different types of equations. Learn the science behind “invisible” ink and control how your messages disappear and reappear. You’ll also get an introduction to basic, or alkaline, substances and be able to change the color of a solution with a simple shake. Magic? No, it’s chemistry!

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