Egyptian Night

Project 20 out of 20

Make clear solutions turn dark suddenly by using your knowledge of chemical reactions and pH levels!

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Complete the Chemistry Course by combining everything you’ve learned over the past ten lessons and putting it into practice in the Egyptian Night experiment. You shouldn’t need too much assistance in this experiment because you’re now an at-home chemist, but the Online Classroom will help guide you through. Take what you know and apply it in this experiment, as you change a solution’s color from clear, to deep, dark blue, and then back to clear. You’ll combine your knowledge of oxidation-reduction reactions and pH levels as you change the complex starch. Night is coming!

Milestones Unlocked

Identifying Starches

Introduction to Photosynthesis & Respiration

Review Course Concepts

Course Progression

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No, this hasn’t turned into a cooking course. This kit is your ticket to exploring the chemical significance of starches. Learn how starch is produced in nature and how to detect it and how it relates to photosynthesis. Then, wrap up the course with an exciting experiment challenge that combines the concepts you’ve learned through the whole Chemistry Course. Congratulations, you’re now an at-home chemist. Take what you’ve learned and apply it to the world!

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