Flame Test

Project 1 out of 20

See how a flame changes colors when different elements are added to it.

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Have you ever wondered how fireworks are different colors? This Flame Test experiment will show you why. Halfway through your first lesson in the Chemistry Course, you’ll put your understanding of the periodic table of elements and valence electrons to the test by lighting some metals on fire. You’ll see what happens when different elements’ valence electrons get excited and ‘jump’ from their current orbit to a higher one, and then what happens when they return to their original positions. Grab an adult, be sure to review and follow the safety instructions when using an open flame, and get ready to see the rainbow.

Milestones Unlocked

The Periodic Table

Atomic Structure

Valence Electrons

Course Progression

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This lesson brings the periodic table to life—the perfect launchpoint into the world of chemistry. Ignite your journey with two flame-based experiments and observe chemistry at work. You’ll learn about elements and their properties, explore atomic structures, and discover why certain elements react with one another. Start your Chemistry Course exploration with the basics and get ready to build on the skills and concepts you learn in this introductory lesson.

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