Rainbow Liquid

Project 17 out of 20

Add some color to your chemical reactions while learning about the pH scale!

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You’ll become a chemical artist in this experiment, making water change colors while observing the pH of the five substances that you create. Everything you need to conduct this experiment is found in your Creation Crate kit (besides the water). First, you’ll create a solution of thymol blue and water, which you’ll later add to five different substances. You’ll be able to make a rainbow of your own, noting how the solutions change color with the addition of the thymol blue and water mixture. The color of the final solution depends on their pH values. You’ll learn that pH is an important characteristic determined by the concentration of hydrogen and hydroxide ions in an aqueous solution. Start experimenting and reveal the rainbow.

Milestones Unlocked

Acidic vs. Alkaline Substances

The pH Scale & Indicators

Predicting Chemical Reactions

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You may have heard of pH levels in the context of swimming pools or stomach acid. Maintaining the right level is super important—but why? Learn all about acids, alkalis, and the pH scale with the fascinating, colorful experiments in this lesson. Understand why some substances don’t affect the pH level of a solution at all, while others have a big influence. You’ll also use your knowledge and skills that you’ve learned throughout the course to be able to predict how chemicals will interact with each other.

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