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Create your own magic paper and mage images disappear and then reappear!

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Convince your friends that you have magical powers in this Cryptopaper experiment. You’ll make a regular piece of paper reveal a message or drawing, make it disappear, and then make it reappear all using your understanding of oxidation-reduction reactions. Using the Online Classroom and the equipment in your Creation Crate kit, you’ll conduct the experiment, first applying a solution of potassium iodide to a beige piece of paper. Then, you’ll make your own special marker that will let you write a message or draw a picture on the paper. While this may seem like a normal drawing, you’ll be able to make it disappear with a solution and then make it reappear shortly after with this double oxidation-reduction reaction. You know you’re a chemist and not a magician, but you’ll impress with these disappearing and reappearing skills!

Milestones Unlocked

Types of Redox Reactions

Writing & Balancing Redox Reactions

Color-Changing Experiments

Course Progression

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You’ve scratched the surface of oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions in Lesson 7. Now, explore them further with fun, color-changing experiments. You’ll continue to deepen your understanding of these types of reactions and practice writing and balancing different types of equations. Learn the science behind “invisible” ink and control how your messages disappear and reappear. You’ll also get an introduction to basic, or alkaline, substances and be able to change the color of a solution with a simple shake. Magic? No, it’s chemistry!

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