Metal Reactions

Project 5 out of 20

It’s metal vs. metal as you see which are the best conductors.

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In the Metal Reactions experiment, you’ll put different metals against each other to determine which is the best conductor. Using what you’ve learned so far about atoms, the periodic table, elements, electrons, and reactivity, you’ll observe what happens when you put metals into different solutions. Follow the step-by-step instructions and diagrams to set up your experiment, paying close attention to the safety procedures and tips from the Online Classroom. Note what happens in each different solution and record the reactions using your smartphone and the included stand. You’ll compare the reactions to each other, noting what happens with zinc, tin, and copper. Based on your observations and knowledge of the metal reactivity series, you’ll determine which is the most reactive metal.

Milestones Unlocked

Visualizing Metal Reactivity

The Reactivity Series of Metals

Metals as Conductors of Electricity

Course Progression

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Lesson Preview

Welcome to the reactivity series! Learn why certain metals are better conductors of electricity as you experiment with and observe metallic reactions in real time. In Lesson 5, you’ll be introduced to the reactivity series of metals and how this organizes metals based on their ability to easily lose electrons. You’ll conduct experiments that will demonstrate how the order of the reactivity series determines the outcomes of chemical reactions, forming new substances. Begin to unlock an understanding of how different compounds are formed, and why specific metals are used for certain applications in real life. Grab your safety goggles and get started!

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