Pure Oxygen

Project 12 out of 20

See a bright and hot reaction as you burn Pure Oxygen!

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Put on your safety glasses and make sure you’re ready for some fireworks! This experiment gets hot and bright very quickly. You’ll find out all about catalysts and how they increase the reaction rate. You’ll use the step-by-step instructions and safety measures found in the Online Classroom to set up your experiment and then you’ll get your chemical reaction started. In the Pure Oxygen experiment, you’ll increase the rate of decomposition of the hydrogen peroxide by adding the manganese (IV) oxide. By adding this catalyst, we’ll produce water and oxygen molecules. The oxygen then reacts with the organic substances on the splint, causing it to smolder and then. By adding the stick to the flask of almost pure oxygen that we’ve created, we’ve sped up the reaction and we’ll see a dramatic effect!

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Collision Theory


Using Experimental Data

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In this lesson, you’ll learn how scientists speed up the normal rate of reactions using heat, catalysts, and more. Watch what happens as you create artificial frost indoors and use a catalyst to decompose hydrogen peroxide. Both of these experiments allow you to see how to increase the rate of a chemical reaction. You’ll learn about catalysts and collision theory and see some incredible results. Learn important chemistry concepts through these exciting experiments.

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