Tin Electrolysis

Project 14 out of 20

Create a tin tree using a solution and an electrical current.

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No, it’s not magic, it’s chemistry! Grow a “tree” in this Tin Electrolysis experiment, but not just any tree, one made out of metal! You’ll see what happens when you simultaneously remove and add electrons to a tin(II) chloride solution. Attach the crocodile clip wires to a petri dish of your solution and watch a tin reduction reaction take place as you run an electric current through it. You’ll set up the experiment using what you’ve learned in this lesson and the helpful step-by-step instructions from the Online Classroom. Watch as the reaction creates a solid dendrite of tin that grows in the direction that the electric current is flowing. You’ll see more and more fragments grow as the current runs through the solution, and you can even change the direction that the “limbs” grow.

Milestones Unlocked

Introduction to Oxidation-Reduction (Redox) Reactions

Writing & Balancing Redox Reactions

Salt Batteries & Tin Electrolysis

Course Progression

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Lesson Preview

Time to explore oxidation-reduction reactions—the perfect example of chemistry’s importance in our everyday world. This lesson will show you how to generate electrical power by building a zinc-carbon battery and how to grow a “tree” made of metal. You’ll conduct essential chemical reactions and learn how they work in these fun experiments. While you already know how to write and balance chemical equations from the previous lesson, these two experiments and the Online Classroom will level-up your abilities, adding balancing redox reactions to your skillset.

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