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Build awesome projects while master the foundations of electronics. Start with the basics and progress in difficulty as you strengthen your knowledge.


Experiment 1: FLAME TEST

See how a flame changes colors when different elements are added to it.

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Experiment 2: Burning Magnesium

See what happens when you ignite a piece of magnesium!

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Experiment 3: LEMON BATTERY

Make a simple battery using two different metal electrodes and a lemon.

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Experiment 4: GALVANIC CELL

Create a voltaic cell that powers a buzzer and lights up a diode.

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Experiment 5: METAL CONTEST

It’s metal vs. metal as you see which are the best conductors.

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Experiment 6: FOIL ETCHING

Dissolve metal using chemical reactions.

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Follow our process and master the fundamentals

Projects become progressively more challenging as they gain confidence using real world components and programming languages.

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