Audio Visualizer

Project 8 out of 18

Use smart LEDs to create a display that illuminates columns based on the volume of music.

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Make a device that gives you a visual display of the sounds it listens to. In the Audio Visualizer project kit, you’ll control an array of 32 smart LEDs using just one UNO R3 output. You will make UNO R3 be able to listen to an audio signal and then light up a column of LEDs depending on how loud the sound is. You’ll assemble your hardware using your previous skills and step-by-step instructions and then bring your device to life by programming it to work. You’ll learn about arrays and loops, as well as understanding a new feature of the Arduino IDE called the interrupt. Once your Audio Visualizer project kit is complete, flex your skills by making some of the smart LEDs in a column light up different colors, make the LEDs light up in the opposite direction, and have a new color illuminate each time the microphone is activated. Turn up the volume and see what happens!

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Programming (C++)

Arrays and Interrupts

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Challenge yourself to complete these exercises after you’ve finished creating your Audio Visualizer project kit:

  • Instead of having all the LEDs in a column light up the same color, make some illuminate different colors.
  • Change which LED stays on permanently, regardless of the sound level.
  • Make the LEDs light up right to left instead of left to right.
  • Have a new color illuminate each time the microphone is activated.
  • Use a second potentiometer to adjust the brightness of the LEDs.

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