Handheld Balance Game

Project 11 out of 18

Test your balance with this device that measures rotation.

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Make a game that tests your ability to hold the breadboard still. In the Handheld Balance Game project, you’ll use an accelerometer, which measures rotation and is found in everyday electronic devices, like phones, cameras, drones, video game controllers, and much more. Assemble the hardware and learn how the accelerometer works to measure the direction of gravity and how it will be the key to your Handheld Balance Game. You’ll learn to use analog inputs and then make your game ready to play by writing the code. Then, make the game even harder by making the bucket variable smaller and lengthening the time needed to hold your balance.

Milestones Unlocked



Programming (C++)


Coordinate Systems

Course Progression

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Lesson Preview

Put your understanding of accelerometers and C++ to the test after you finish building your Handheld Balance Game by:

  • Making the bucket variable smaller.
  • Lengthening the time required to hold balance.
  • Having the LED cursor cycle through different colors.
  • Keeping track of how many goals have been scored and output this value to the Serial Monitor.

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