LED Dice Game

Project 4 out of 18

Write a program that simulates rolling a pair of dice with the push of a button in this LED Dice Game project.

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Make an LED Dice Game that simulates rolling a pair of dice at the push of a button. You’ll win if the dice rolls a 2, 7, or 12! The LED Dice Game project tests your ability to set up and then program hardware. The setup for this project is slightly trickier than previous projects, so you’ll need to use caution when placing your LEDs on the breadboard and with wiring! You’ll see how much you learned in C++, as this program requires you to fill some blanks in the code. After you finish your LED Dice Game project, you’ll be challenged to figure out how to get a single die to roll a seven and modify the program to flash the LEDs when you win!

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Programming (C++)

Intricate Wiring

Course Progression

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When you’ve completed your LED Dice Game project, you’ll be faced with even more challenges:

  • Adding a second die to the code and breadboard.
  • Make a single die able to roll a 7.
  • Have the LEDs flash twice when you win.

You’re up to the challenge, but the Online Classroom will help you troubleshoot any issues!

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