Digital Multimeter

Project 10 out of 18

Be able to read voltage after building your very own multimeter.

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In this project, learn how to build a Digital Multimeter, a standard piece of equipment for electricians. This item allows you to troubleshoot potential problems in your circuits, like if a battery is dead, or if your wires aren’t connected properly. First, assemble the hardware using voltage dividers and learn about this new piece of equipment. The LCD screen will show the calculated voltage or resistance values depending on what mode it's in. After you complete assembly, then write the code that computes the voltage and resistance values and displays them to the LCD screen. Put the finished hardware and finalized code together and now you have a functional Digital Multimeter that you can use on other projects or wherever your electronics knowledge takes you!

Milestones Unlocked



Programming (C++)

Voltage Dividers

Ohm's Law

Course Progression

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Lesson Preview

Finish making your Digital Multimeter and apply your understanding of the concepts and skills you just learned by:

  • Solving for various voltages using Ohm’s Law.
  • Testing the voltmeter and troubleshooting any discrepancies.
  • Build an additional high resistance multimeter circuit using the 50k resistor and add a mode in the code to switch between the two.

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