Distance Detector

Project 3 out of 18

Create a device that measures distance with sound waves by building your very own Distance Detector.

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Put the skills you’ve learned to the test by creating a Distance Detector. The Distance Detector will show the results of how far away something is using LEDs and sounds. Instead of getting a full map of the components and wiring like the past two project kits, you get to be the circuit creator! You’ll get the basic layout of the electronic components and determine the wiring of the circuit based on the code. Not to worry, you learned a lot in the first two project kits, so you’re ready. Determine how far away an object can be before it’s detected, reverse the order that the LEDs illuminate, and add more LEDs to the end of the sequence.

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Programming (C++)


Problem Solving

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After you’ve figured out the wiring of your Distance Detector project kit and made it fully operational, you’ll be challenged even further:

  • Use the serial monitor to determine the maximum distance the object can detect.
  • Set the buzzer to only sound when the red LEDs light up.
  • Reverse the order that the LEDs light up.
  • Add the green LEDs to the breadboard and your code to illuminate when an object is at its closest detectable distance.

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