Lock Box

Project 9 out of 18

Build and attach an alarm to your Creation Crate box that will sound upon opening without a code.

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Make a Lock Box that will only open when the correct password is entered. You’ll be able to stop intruders who enter the wrong code with an alarm. In the Lock Box project, you’ll encounter some interesting and common new electronic components, such as the matrix keypad and LCD screen. You’ll find out what these items do and how to install them onto your breadboard. Once you’ve assembled your hardware, you’ll download more code libraries and finish writing the program that will allow your Lock Box to work. After your Lock Box is operational, you’ll be challenged to complete some exercises that will solidify your understanding of these new concepts and components. Let’s get started!

Milestones Unlocked



Programming (C++)

Matrix Keypads & LCD Screens

Resistor Codes

Course Progression

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Lesson Preview

Once your Lock Box is operational, go a step further to complete these challenge exercises:

  • Make the LCD screen display different words.
  • Make the Lock Box turn off after it has been idle for a set time.
  • Make the buttons on the keypad beep when pressed.
  • Allow the password to be changed when the box is unlocked.
  • Adjust the brightness of the LCD screen.

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