Memory Game

Project 2 out of 18

How good is your memory? Program patterns of LEDs to yield a sequence that you’ll repeat back.

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Build and program a game that generates random sequences of colors and makes you repeat the sequences in order from memory. Make a slightly more intricate circuit than in Project #1, building on the skills you’ve already learned. Then, write the code that will tell the hardware what to do. After you’ve completed building the game and beaten all ten levels, move on to the challenge exercises. These make the Memory Game more difficult and make you put the skills you’ve learned into practice.

Milestones Unlocked



Programming (C++)

Arrays & Functions

Generating Frequencies

Course Progression

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Lesson Preview

Build the Memory Game, program it to run and then put your understanding of the concepts to the test with challenges that encourage you to problem solve. You will:

  • Change the starting speed of the game.
  • Change the tones of the buzzer.
  • Make the LEDs and buzzer blink if you lose.
  • Use the extra 002 OHM (2W) Resistor to lower the volume of the buzzer.

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Ages 12+


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