Mood Lamp

Project 1 out of 18

Lights on! Build a lamp that will change colors in the dark.

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Kick off the Electronics Course by assembling a functional Mood Lamp that cycles through its different colors only if the room is dark. First, you’ll focus on putting the lamp together and making it operational with C++ code. Once you’ve built the lamp and made it run, then your understanding of what you’ve just learned will be put into practice as you figure out how to change the brightness of the lamp, make it move through the different colors faster, and adjust how dark the room needs to be for the lamp to turn on. Let’s get started!

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Programming (C++)


Arduino Sketches

Course Progression

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Lesson Preview

After building the Mood Lamp, test your understanding of the concepts you’ve just learned by completing the following exercises:

  • Change the overall brightness of the lamp.
  • Make the lamp change colors faster.
  • Change how dark it needs to be for the lamp to turn on.
  • Move the 2.2k OHM Resistor without moving the LDR

Don't worry-the Online Classroom will prepare you for the challenge!

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