Two Player Reflex Game

Project 6 out of 18

Build a device that will test your reaction reflexes against a friend’s.

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Build a game that will put your reflexes and your understanding of C++ to the test. You’ll continue to expand your knowledge of circuits and programming by first assembling your hardware, learning about input pins. Then, you’ll move into the programming portion of this Reflex Game project kit, where you’ll learn about a tool to condense the code called functions and how to write them into your code. After you’ve finished your game and challenged a friend to see who can react faster to the LED lighting up you’ll figure out how to make the LEDs blink faster, modify the program and your hardware to use pullup resistors instead of pulldown resistors, and create a function to initiate the countdown. Do you have the fastest fingers?

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Programming (C++)


Course Progression

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After your Two Player Reflex Game project kit is complete, you’ll be challenged to:

  • Figure out how to make the LEDs blink faster when someone’s won the game.
  • Modify the code and hardware to use pullup instead of pulldown resistors.
  • Create a function to initiate the countdown.
  • Add sound to the game with the buzzer.

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