RFID Reader

Project 17 out of 18

Be able to read, authorize, or deactivate a keycard with an RFID Reader you create.

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If you’ve ever seen someone pay for something by just tapping their card, or unlock a door by holding a card or tag to a sensor, then you’ve seen RFID Readers in action. In this project, you will learn how they work and build your own to add to the complex Security System you made in projects 13, 14, and 15. First, learn about new hardware you’ll use in this project like RFID and EEPROM, then create the circuit in a few different steps. Once your hardware is all set up, then you’ll put some new functions, commands, and libraries to use while you program your RFID Reader to be able to read a master RFID key card and authorize or deactivate a key card or token. This project is tricky, combining all you’ve learned so far in the Electronics Course. Are you up for the challenge?

Milestones Unlocked



Programming (C++)

Proximity Integrated Circuit Cards


Course Progression

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Lesson Preview

Finish building the RFID Reader and then complete these challenges to strengthen your understanding of how the hardware and programming interact:

  • Increase the number of beeps you hear when access is granted and make the message display longer.
  • Change the number of times that the LED and message flash when access is denied.
  • Add a red LED and change the program to make it flash when access is denied.

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