Strength Gauge

Project 12 out of 18

How strong are you? Flex your knowledge and muscles to create a device to measure force.

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The Strength Gauge project kit focuses on the concept of force and how it is measured. You’ll use a device called a strain gauge to measure the force on an object. Then use a servo motor to show how that force measures up. Strain gauges are commonly found in industrial equipment or large machinery to predict and prevent breakages. Servo motors have a wide variety of uses and consist of a motor coupled to a sensor for position feedback. You’ll assemble these new pieces of hardware and the rest of the components, then create a circuit that will connect them to the UNO R3 and breadboard. After your hardware is set up, download an external library not found in the Arduino IDE and complete the code. Then, see how strong you are with your completed Strength Gauge project. Are you a ‘beginner,’ or a ‘superhero?’

Milestones Unlocked



Programming (C++)

Straing Gauges & Servo Motors


Course Progression

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Lesson Preview

Finish building and programming the Strength Gauge project and then put your new skills to the test by:

  • Flipping the direction of the servo motor.
  • Swapping the wires connecting the strain gauge and the HX711.
  • Changing the calibration factor and see how it affects the sensitivity of the gauge.
  • Saving the high score to a variable and have it print it out on the Serial Monitor.

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