Weather Station

Project 7 out of 18

Measure temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, heat index, and altitude.

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Have you ever wondered how we measure temperature, humidity, pressure, heat index, and altitude? In this project, you’ll find out by making your own Weather Station and continuing your understanding of electronics concepts. You’ll be introduced to new components, like DHT and BMT180 sensors, which will be the keys to measuring the atmospheric conditions. You’ll assemble your hardware, creating a circuit that will make the Weather Station ready for your program. In this Weather Station project, you’ll also be introduced to code libraries, or sets of reusable functions. You’ll put your understanding into practice by comparing the accuracy of both of your sensors, creating a warning in the Serial Monitor if the temperature gets too hot, and displaying the sea level pressure in the Serial Monitor. Let’s get started!

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Programming (C++)



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Lesson Preview

Put your understanding of the concepts you learn in this lesson into practice after you build your Weather Station project.

  • Compare the accuracy of the temperature reading from each sensor.
  • Create a warning in the Serial Monitor that will trigger if the temperature goes above a set value.
  • Display the sea level pressure in the Serial Monitor.

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