Wireless Control Center

Project 14 out of 18

Enhance project #13’s Security System with a control center that will send and receive information.

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Level-up your Infrared Security System from project #13 so that you can control it from another room. In this project, you’ll build a Wireless Control Center that uses a radio transceiver to send and receive radio waves for communication. Radio waves are the basis for all wireless communication: WiFi, Bluetooth, or even just listening to the radio—we rely on radio waves constantly in our lives. You’ll add to the hardware of your Infrared Security System to add an LCD screen and a radio transceiver. Then, build a wireless PIR detection system using the hardware from this project kit. Next, write the code that will allow the two UNO R3s to be able to communicate with each other using the radio transceivers. When your Wireless Control Center is operational, one of your UNO R3s will constantly send its state to the PIR sensor, and the other will receive this information and display it to the LCD screen.

Milestones Unlocked



Programming (C++)

Radio Transceivers

Course Progression

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Lesson Preview

After you’ve built your Wireless Control Center, your skills will be put to the test with these challenge exercises:

  • Display the packetLoss variable on the LCD screen.
  • Have the LCD screen display the total number of times the PIR sensor has been set off.
  • Make the buzzer sound if the Wireless Control Center loses connection for more than five seconds.

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