Step 3 - Control

Project 3 out of 3

Add biomechanical control to your mech leg.

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Let’s take your mech to the next level with biomechanical control. Control your mech leg with the movement of a finger—you’ll get an ExoGlove with sensors and learn how to add a layer that translates signals into the valve and pump outputs. This step brings together what you learned in the first two steps, furthering your understanding of how a mech works while teaching you how to build your own. The Online Classroom will show you how to install your glove and sensors to your mech leg, and then walk you through the C++ program that will let you have biomechanical control over your mech leg. Finish this step and be able to make your mech move in response to you moving your finger.

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Control Engineering



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In Step #3, you’ll bring your mini-mech leg to life by adding biomechanical control so that it responds to the movement of your finger when you’re wearing a special glove. Continue to add to your alpha leg and your understanding of exciting technology. Learn about the gloves and sensors that allow for biomechanical control of the leg. Unlock more than just cool components, but also experience in C++ programming. Discover functions and commands as you write the code that will make the leg move.

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