Step 2 - Electronics

Project 2 out of 3

Add electronic control to the mech leg

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In this step, you’ll add electronic control to your mech leg. Assemble the electronics that will allow you to power your mech leg and replace the manual syringes from Step #1 with an electric pump. You’ll learn how to use microcontrollers, valves, circuits, and switches. When you complete this step, your mech leg will move and respond at the push of a button! You’ll add on to your already completed alpha leg, bringing you one step closer to a fully-functional mech. The Online Classroom will introduce you to all the electronic components that you’ll find in your kit, showing you how to install and program the hardware to your mech leg.

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In Step #2 of the Engineering Course, you’ll dive into the world of electronics and begin automating the alpha leg of your mini-mech! Discover essential, real-world electronic components, their purpose, and how to attach them to your mech so that it moves when you push a button. Get hands-on experience building circuits, using microcontrollers, and find out how these electronic components supply power to your mech. Expand your understanding of how mechs work while building your own.

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