Step 1 - Mechanics

Project 1 out of 3

Build the alpha leg of your own mini-mech.

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It all starts here—welcome to the world of engineering! Learn the mechanics of mech movement and basic hydraulics. You’ll build an alpha leg that pivots, retracts, and extends with springs, controlled by a hand-operated syringe (or master cylinder). Your kit also comes with a stand so the mounted leg can move freely—and look good on display. You’ll unlock important concepts in physics and mechanical engineering as you build, following along step-by-step with the lesson in the Online Classroom.

Milestones Unlocked

Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Linkage

Course Progression

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No, this isn’t science fiction. You’re building your own biomechanically-controlled mech. Make your mech come to life, just like the world’s largest mech and the inspiration for this course, Prosthesis. You’ll get your hands on tomorrow’s technology today, gaining an understanding of concepts that you’ll need for the future of STEM careers. Don’t just be ready for the future, make your own. Follow these four steps and lessons, finishing with a fully-functional mech!

    Engineering Course


    3 Steps


    Ages 12+


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