Junior Engineering Course

Create a strong foundation of STEM concepts and skills for your children or students with the Junior Engineering Course. These hands-on projects are for the absolute beginner, serving as an exciting introduction to many important engineering concepts like movement, forces, and general physics. Your little ones will have fun learning and creating their own projects that they can play with after they complete each lesson. Every project comes with all the necessary parts, plus an Online Classroom to show them how to make their engineering projects come to life, step-by-step. Start unlocking important STEM skills at an early age with these fun projects bundles.

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Animal Bundle

The projects in this bundle include the Snapping Snake, Flapping Bat, and the Snapping Crab

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Circus Bundle

The projects in this bundle include the Merry Go Round, Pullcord Fairground Ride and the Somersaulting Acrobat.

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Tools Bundle

The projects in this bundle include the Balance Scales, Mechanical Hammer and the Scissor Lift.

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What's Included?

All Junior Engineering Bundles come with everything necessary to build awesome and educational projects that your child can use for the future. They’ll get hands-on learning experience in physics and engineering concepts that will give them a better understanding of the world around them. Learning STEM concepts doesn’t have to be boring—set your little one on a path to innovation!

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