Tools Bundle

Project 3 out of 6

Make your own tools! Balance Scales, Mechanical Hammer, and the Scissor Lift.

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Your Junior Engineer will create three tools that they will be able to use after they’ve completed the lessons. They’ll learn about important physics and engineering concepts while they make fun projects that resemble tools that they’ve seen adults use. The Online Classroom will show them how to construct these tools, giving them step-by-step breakdowns of each project so they never feel lost or stuck. Learning key concepts that they’ll use in the future doesn’t have to be boring. Let them get their hands on exciting projects!

Milestones Unlocked

Simple Machines



Course Progression

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This Junior Engineering Course is a fun and exciting introduction into the world of engineering. Your Junior Engineer will create awesome projects that they can play with after they’re done mastering the concepts in each lesson. They’ll learn by doing, developing a spirit of discovery and passion for learning. Pick up a bundle or all three and watch your young learner get excited by engineering!

    Junior Engineering Projects


    Ages 7-11


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