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Build a robot that can draw by itself.

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Your young robotics creator will have a blast making a Doodle Bot that will move and create art on its own! The Doodle Bot project kit comes with everything needed to make a functional robot and teaches young learners about physics and engineering core concepts. The first step in this project is to put together the bot, learning about vibration motors and how to change the speed and direction of the Doodle Bot by adjusting its limbs. After the Doodle Bot is ready and can draw a picture by vibrating with its energetic spinning powers, the Online Classroom challenges the young learner to complete challenge exercises to have them demonstrate what they just learned!

Milestones Unlocked

Simple Robotics



Types of Movement

Course Progression

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Lesson Preview

After the Junior Robotics creator has finished assembling their Doodle Bot and watching it spin around energetically, they’ll be challenged to experiment with what they’ve learned with these supporting exercises:

  • Bend the legs of Doodle Bot to demonstrate all six different types of movement.
  • Make all the markers be the same height and see what happens.
  • Change the height of some of the markers to see how Doodle Bot’s drawings change.

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