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Receive all three Junior Robotics projects. Introduce your young learner to robotics, engineering, and more!

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Get your young engineer off to a bright start with the Junior Robotics Bundle. They’ll get a chance to build three unique robotics projects that will leave them with a strong foundation of STEM skills and concepts. First, they’ll take on the Doodle Bot, which teaches them about the different types of movement in physics. This bot can draw on its own, making different shapes depending on how the markers are positioned. Then, they’ll move on to learn about the properties of sound with the Talk Bot. This second project allows them to record and playback their voice or whatever they decide to record. Lastly, they’ll build the Bumble Bee, which is a device they attach to a pencil that will allow them to turn themselves into a human circuit and draw a piano that they can play. A strong foundation of learning starts with hands-on discovery!

Milestones Unlocked

Simple Robotics



Types of Movement

Properties of Sound

Resistance and Electricity

Course Progression

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Lesson Preview

After your young learner completes each project, they’ll be challenged to take on exercises that solidify their understanding of the STEM concepts they just learned. Along the way, they’ll:

  • Promote a spirit of curiosity and discovery.
  • Develop key problem-solving skills.
  • Foster lifelong learning.

Junior Robotics Projects


Ages 7-11


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