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Project : Animal Bundle

The projects in this bundle include the Snapping Snake, Flapping Bat, and the Snapping Crab

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Project : Circus Bundle

The projects in this bundle include the Merry Go Round, Pullcord Fairground Ride and the Somersaulting Acrobat.

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Project : Tools Bundle

The projects in this bundle include the Balance Scales, Mechanical Hammer and the Scissor Lift.

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Online Classroom

Bring the classroom home with online lessons, step by step video tutorials, and endless support. With each project you receive, you’ll complete a corresponding lesson online that will give you insight into the concepts you’re learning about, and instructions for completing the projects. Get all the guidance necessary to launch your understanding of electronics and gain skills with unlimited practical possibilities. If you’re feeling stuck on a lesson, or have a question, our online instructor support is ready to assist.

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“Really fun and challenging at the same time. Introduced me to the world of Arduino. Before I had this crate, I knew little to none about electronics and coding. Now, I have the fundamentals down pat. All thanks to Creation Crate!”

- Justin T