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Our monthly subscription teaches you new concepts each month. This subscription gets harder each month, as you learn more about coding and electronics.
[Ages 12 - Adult]
Mood Lamp
Month 1
This lamp changes colors and only turns on when the lights are off.
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In your first month, you'll learn how to write your own computer program in the Arduino language (C/C++), and how to connect electronic components together.

You will also learn about these basic programming concepts:
  • Comments and Variables
  • What's a Microcontroller?
  • How we use code to control the LEDs
Memory Game
Month 2
Match the pattern of the LEDs to level up. The pattern just keeps getting longer.
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Get it right 10 times, and the game levels up with faster patterns! You’ll learn even more programming basics such as constants, functions, random numbers, and musical notes. You will also learn how to wire buttons and how to read their inputs.

For this project, we cover:
  • Randomizing Ouputs
  • Arrays and Functions
  • Generating Sounds - Frequency Maniuplation
Distance Detector
Month 3
Do you know how bats fly in the dark?
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Using echolocation, bats bounce sound waves off of nearby objects to find their way around in complete darkness. With an ULTRASONIC SENSOR, you can experience this first-hand!

For this project, we cover:
  • Detecting variable input values
  • Using the serial monitor
LED Dice Game
Month 4
Push a button and roll a pair of (LED) dice!
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Roll a 2, 7 or 12 to win! You will apply the skills you have been learning from the previous projects and put your programming knowledge to the test!

For this project, we cover:
  • Level 2 Wiring
  • Coding Challenge
  • If / Else Statements
Optical Theremin
Month 5
Wave your hand and make some music!
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Wave your hands in the air to control the sound of the theremin. Play with the instrument settings until they match your musical style! You will utilize an electrical component known at the potentiometer as a knob to control the instrument. You will be testing your hardware and software knowledge that you have accumulated from the past projects.

For this project, we cover:
  • Using a Potentiometer
  • Using a Light Dependant Resistor
2-Player Reflex Game
Month 6
How fast are your reflexes? Measure them!
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Test your reflex time against your friends. You’ll learn about the electrical concept of the floating pin, as well as how to program your own functions and how to calculate elapsed time.

For this project, we cover:
  • Downloading Code
  • Using pulldown and pullup Resistors
  • Level 2 Functions
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Each curriculum is authenticated by STEM.org. This means that everything you are learning has been reviewed and graded to make sure it meets the highest of standards in STEM education.
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