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Creation Crate Curriculum

Creation Crate’s curriculums all teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills for 21st century careers. Each curriculum is authenticated by This means that everything you are learning has been reviewed and graded to make sure it meets the highest of standards in STEM education.


Electronics 1.0

Creation Crate’s Standard Electronics curriculum is made up of 18 projects that all use Uno R3 (Arduino Compatible) and other components to teach circuitry, programming, and high-level problem solving! (Ages 12-Adult)

01 - Mood Lamp

Create a lamp that build s colors and only turns on when it's dark!
- Arduino IDE Setup
- Intro to prototyping with a breadboard (fresh and gluten free)
- My first sketch (no pencil necessary)
- Sine waves and algorithms

04 - LED Dice Game

Create a project that simulates the random roll of a die!
- Level 2 wiring
- Coding challenge
- Using IF / ELSE

07 - Weather Station

Create a device that measures temperature, humidity and more!
- Inputs and sensors
- Arduino serial monitor
- Boolean variable type

10 - Digital Multimeter

Create device that measures battery life or if your wires are connected properly!
- Inputs and sensors
- Arduino serial monitor
- Boolean variable type

13 - Infrared Security System

Create a device that sounds an alarm when someone walks by!

16 - Alarm Clock

Create a functional clock that doubles as an alarm clock!

02 - Memory Game

Create a fun game that randomly generates sequences of colors!
- Multiple inputs and outputs
- Randomizing outputs
- Using arrays
- Generating sounds - frequency manipulation

05 - Optical Theremin

Create a theremin, wave your hand over the sensors and create music!
- Using a potentiometer
- Using a light dependent resistor

08 - Audio Visualizer

Create a display that represents the volume level of your music!
- Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
- Changing light sensor triggerArray
- For and While statement

11 - Handheld Balance Game

Build a device that tests how steady your hand is by measuring rotation!
- Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
- Changing light sensor triggerArray
- For and While statement

14 - Wireless Control Center

Create a device that sends information via radio!

17 - RFID Reader

Create your own RFID reader!

03 - Distance Detector

Create an ultrasonic sensor to detect the distance of an object!
- Detecting variable input values
- Using the serial monitor (has nothing to do with breakfast food)
- Inferring hardware configuration by analyzing the code

06 - 2-Player Reflex Game

Create a game that tests who the fastest reflexes!
- Downloading code
- Using pulldown and pullup resistors
- Level 2 functions

09 - Lock Box

Create an alarm that triggers if your lockbox is opened without a code!
- Rhythm
- Notes and frequencies
- Two different types of outputs

12 - Strength Gauge

Create a device that measures strength and visualizes it!
- Pulse sensor input
- Switch-case statement
- Including 2 libraries

15 - Laser Trip Wire

Create a device that detects when someone moves through a laser beam!

18 - FM Tuner

Create an FM tuner to listen to your fave radio stations!

Electronics 2.0

Creation Crate’s Upgraded Electronics curricuum is made up of 12 Uno R3 (Arduino Compatible) projects that , just like the standard curriculum, teaches circuitry, programming, and high-level problem solving. Projects are a multi-stage progression and offer display-ready projects using the Creation Crate box. (Ages 12-Adult)

Upgraded components
Reimagined multi-stage projects
Display-ready projects using the Creation Crate box
9V Adapter included! ($9.95 Value)

01 - Mood Lamp 2.0

04 - Boom Box

07 - Line Bot

10 - Puzzle Clock

02 - Clock

05 - Weather Station 2.0

08 - Visual Boom Box

11 - Remote Bot

03 - Rover Bot

06 - Alarm Clock

09 - Wind Weather Station

12 - Boom Box Radio

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