Master Electronics With These C++ Projects

We are the only tech subscription box that becomes a little more challenging every month. Each c++ project will introduce you to new components and commands that are used in real world tech careers .
[Ages 12 - Adult]
Mood Lamp
Month 1
Learn how to build and program a Mood Lamp that turns on and changes colors when you turn the lights off.
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This is the perfect c++ project for beginners. You’ll learn how to write your own computer program in the Arduino language (C/C++), and be introduced to beginner electronic components that will be used to build your Mood Lamp.

You will learn:
  • What are Comments and Variables?
  • What’s a Microcontroller?
  • How to write code that controls the LEDs.
Memory Game
Month 2
Program patterns of LEDs to deliver a sequence that you will have to memorize and recite back. Get it right 10 times, and the game levels up with faster patterns!
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This is another great C++ project for beginners because you will learn more programming basics such as constants, functions, random numbers, and musical notes... all in one project!

You will learn:
  • Randomizing Ouputs
  • Arrays and Functions
  • Generating Sounds - Frequency Maniuplation
Distance Detector
Month 3
Learn how to use an ultrasonic sensor to build a distance detector that determines the distance of an object just like bats do.
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Using echolocation, bats bounce sound waves off of nearby objects to find their way in complete darkness. With an Ultrasonic sensor, you can experience this first-hand!

You will learn:
  • What is an ultrasonic sensor?
  • Detecting variable input values
  • How to use a serial monitor
LED Dice Game
Month 4
Push a button and roll a pair of (LED) dice!
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Roll a 2, 7 or 12 to win! You will apply the skills you have been learning from the previous projects and put your programming knowledge to the test!

For this project, we cover:
  • Level 2 Wiring
  • Coding Challenge
  • If / Else Statements
Optical Theremin Kit
Month 5
This Optical Theremin Kit will teach you how to build an instrument that can be played without being touched. Theremins use antennas and oscillators to sense a person's hand and generate a tone
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Building this C++ project will introduce you to new components like a potentiometer. You also will be challenged to take your programming to the next level by filling in the blanks with correct value or variables.

For this project, we cover:
  • Using a Potentiometer
2-Player Reflex Game
Month 6
Create a device that tests and measures your reflexes! Test your reflex time against your friends to see who has the fastest hands.
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In this c++ project, you’ll learn about the electrical concept of the floating pin, as well as how to program your own functions and how to calculate elapsed time.

For this project, we cover:
  • Downloading Code
  • Using pull down and pull up resistors
  • Level 2 Functions
Ready To Unpack Your Potential?
These are only a few of the c++ projects you can learn how to build. In 18 months, you could have more hands on experience in electronics and coding than most college students receive in a 4 year degree!
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