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Learn how to program and build electronic projects using an Uno R-3 (Arduino Compatible) and other components!
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- Upgraded components
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Creation Crate’s curriculums all teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills for 21st century careers. Each curriculum is authenticated by This means that everything you are learning has been reviewed and graded to make sure it meets the highest of standards in STEM education.

Electronics Original

Creation Crate’s Original Electronics curriculum is made up of 18 projects that all use Uno R3 (Arduino Compatible) and other components to teach circuitry, programming, and high-level problem solving!
(Ages 12-Adult)

Mood lamp iconMood Lamp project
01 - Mood Lamp
Create a lamp that builds colors and only turns on when it's dark!
- Arduino IDE Setup
- Intro to prototyping with a breadboard (fresh and gluten free)
- My first sketch (no pencil necessary)
- Sine waves and algorithms
Memory game projectMemory game icon
02 - Memory Game
Create a fun game that randomly generates sequences of colors!
- Multiple inputs and outputs
- Randomizing outputs
- Using arrays
- Generating sounds - frequency manipulation
Distance detector projectDistance detector icon
03 - Distance Detector
Create an ultrasonic sensor to detect the distance of an object!
- Detecting variable input values
- Using the serial monitor (has nothing to do with breakfast food)
- Inferring hardware configuration by analyzing the code
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Father watching his kids using creation crate projects
"This has been a great bonding tool with my son and I. But more importantly it has sparked his love of science and electronics and programming specifically. It has taken the controller out of his hands and put the control in his hands. The control of his future so thanks again"
Two girls building a creation crate project
"I am a seventh grader who really likes building and coding. Previously, I was getting another crate like this, but it was getting sort of easy. I asked my grandma to switch it over to this. I just got my first Creation Crate and it was amazing. Before, with the other crate, I wasn't challenged much, but with this one, I had lots of fun figuring out what each line of code actually did."
Adult male with arms crossed in front of creation crate projects
"My husband has been wanting to get into electronics as a side hobby for some time and this has been a great way to ease him into a field that he is completely unfamiliar with. The projects can even be passed down to the kids as he moves on to new crates, what a deal! Thank you!"
Studen with creation crate project
"I myself am majoring in STEM (physics and computer science double-major), and I ordered this mainly for the purpose of tinkering and expanding my computer engineering knowledge through independent projects, and even for me, this bundle ended up being incredibly handy and interesting."
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