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Want To Learn Electronics?

Introducing a tech subscription box that teaches you electronics,
coding and high-level problem solving.
Ages 12-99.

Month 1

Mood Lamp

A new and improved version of our classic starter project. The Mood Lamp shows students just getting started with Arduino how to create a super-cool lamp that changes colors!

We have doubled the number of LEDs, included an awesome clear breadboard, and, drumroll please… made the box a part of the project! That’s right, when you are done you’ll be able to show what you’ve made to your friends and display it proudly on your nightstand or dresser.


Month 2

Uno Minuto

Based on feedback from our subscribers, we have taken a new approach to Creation Crate 2.0. As you may know, our projects help you build your knowledge of electronics and coding each month. Well, now we are grouping our projects so they build upon each other as well.

With Uno Minuto (Italian for One Minute), you will start by building a clock that will look great sitting next to your Mood Lamp.

Then, over the course of the next two months, you will make that clock even cooler. First, by turning it into a standard alarm clock. In month three, we have something totally crazy in store for you. But, we’ll have to leave you in suspense until then…

What's Inside?

An UNO R3 (Arduino-compatible) microcontroller, electronics components, and an instruction booklet.

Everything you need to learn how to build and program electronics! All you need is access to a computer with a USB port and internet.

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