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Review Section

These kits can help inspire creativity and imagination at all ages!!!

- Avery B / Parent

Very easy to subscribe, exciting to get a new project each month, easy to follow, and fun for kids and adults alike!!!

Great product for anyone who wants to learn electronics and coding.

- Nathan B / Adult Hobbyist

Shipping was a little slow due to COVID I’m assuming but everything was as promised and good quality.

Fun service to learn useful skills that lead to limitless possibilities!

- Matthew / Adult Hobbyist

Received my first box (on the quarterly plan) a few days ago and really enjoying it so far! I’m on the second project already, and have learned quite a bit!

What's Inside?


Receive an UNO R3 (arduino compatible), a breadboard, and all the needed components.


Projects come with online instructions, video tutorials, and one on one troubleshooting support.

The Projects

Mood Lamp

Project 1

Memory Game

Project 2

Distance Detector

Project 3

LED Dice Game

Project 4

Optical Theremin

Project 5

2-Player Reflex Game

Project 6

Weather Station

Project 7

Audio Visualizer

Project 8

Lock Box

Project 9

Digital Multimeter

Project 10

Handheld Balance Game

Project 11

Strength Gauge

Project 12

Infrared Security System

Project 13

Wireless Control Center

Project 14

Laser Tripwire Transmitter

Project 15

Alarm Clock

Project 16

RFID Reader

Project 17

FM Tuner

Project 18

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