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Projects you will receive

Project 1 of 3

Build Your Mech Leg

Learn the mechanics of mech movement and basic hydraulics by building an alpha leg that pivots, retracts, and extends with springs controlled by a hand-operated syringe.






Control Systems

Get An Inside Look At the future of engineering

Check out the learning proess you will go through by building your very own bio-mechanically controlled mech leg.

Developed in partnership with Exosapien Technologies

The inventors of the world's largest four legged mech

What You Get

All The Needed Components

Gain hands-on experiences using microcontrollers, breadboards, sensors, and other components used in every day tech careers

Access to Online Classroom

Packed with video tutorials, learning resources, challenges, and one on one support whenever you need help


4.1 stars on Trustpilot (127 Reviews)

Photo of Sandi L. with electronics parts

by Sandi L.

I was really impressed in the quality of the materials in the kit and the course materials was really well laid out. I was able to take my first project and make it into a really attractive mood light that is currently looking really nice siting on my end table

Photo of Hector M. with electronics parts

by Hector M.

Really fun and challenging at the same time. Introduced me to the world of Electronics. Before I had this subscription, I knew little to none about electronics and coding. Now, I have the fundamentals down pat thanks to Creation Crate!

Photo of Katrina B. with electronics parts

by Katrina B.

We were so excited to find an at-home learning solution like creation crate. He quickly learned coding, electronics and more! This isn’t your typical subscription box… It’s more of a STEM course from home!

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