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The mechatronics course is made up of 4 kits in total. Purchase each kit as you go or get it all at once.


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Start with kit 1

$99.99 usd

Kit 1: The Mechanics

Build your first manually-controlled leg. Learn the design and physics behind how a mech works.

Orders ship early 2022*


Step 2 - Adding Electronics

$99.99 usd

Kit 2: Adding Electronics

Learn about electronic components and control as you add power to your mech leg.

Orders ship early 2022*


Step 3 - Control Systems

$99.99 usd

Kit 3: Adding Control

Add biomechanical control capability to the leg. Learn about control engineering, sensors, and programming.

Orders ship early 2022*


Final Step - Body and Legs

$99.99 usd


Kit 4: Finish the Mech

Build a biomechanically controlled mini-mech from start to finish by receiving the entire course at once.

Orders ship early 2022*


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