Creation Crate Mission


Educate 250,000 People by 2020

It’s predicted that within 20 years, we could see unemployment rates reach 12-15% from job automation.

However, in 2020 there will be an estimated 1.4 million computer specialist jobs unfilled due to a lack of programmers.

Creation Crate’s goal is to fill almost a quarter of the technology employment gap and have over 250,000 students in our curriculum, proficient in the language of technology.

Parents and STEM education can’t do it alone!

Both have the largest sociological and economical responsibilities facing the 21st century. Millions of children must learn how to speak the language of technology even if their parents/teacher don’t know it themselves.

Creation Crate fills this education void by offering a teacher endorsed hands on project curriculum that can be completed from home or in a classroom with other students.

Children will not be the only ones fighting this job automation war. Our curriculum serves any age and any skill level. The community is filled with adults using these skills to excel in their career or create more fun electronic projects from home.

Learn how to program.
Create fun projects.
Earn maker rewards.
And learn how fun the world is when you can be a part of building it!

What type of world will you create?

Electronics Project
Google Tracking