for kids (Ages 7-13)

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Doodle Bot

$14.99 USD + shipping

Create your own art using this build it yourself doodle robot!

This futuristic robot can doodle a picture while vibrating and demonstrate energetic spinning powers.

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Talk Bot

$24.99 USD + shipping

Build your own personal customizable recorder!

This exciting and adorable personal recorder can be used to record and play back your voice, music or just about anything!

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Bumble Bee

$24.99 USD + shipping

A pencil with a built in speaker that changes pitch based on resistance!!? You’ll learn how to ‘map’ different electrical devices to resistance in a circuit.

Among other things, this pencil allows you to create a hand drawn working piano, be challenged to play songs, and use your body as a real electric circuit.

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Bump Bot

$39.99 USD + shipping

With this project, you’ll build your own personal Roomba-style Bump Bot!

Learn about circuit diagrams, parallel and series circuits, switches and loads, and the symbols that represent them. Once all assembled and wired this autonomous robot will navigate its way around your home avoiding objects in the way!

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Robotics Pack

($104.96) ($89.97) USD + shipping

Save $14.99

Get the Doodle Bot for FREE when you buy all the Robotics projects together!

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