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How It Works

Everything you need
Everything you need delivered to your door (you just need access to a computer with internet)
Online instructions
Access our online classroom for instructions, video tutorials, and education content.
Projects get harder
Challenge yourself each month as each project becomes harder.
The Projects You Get To Build

Learn how electronics and coding work together in the real world! Whether you’re young or old, experienced or inexperienced, tech literate or tech illiterate, you can learn how to make electronics.
[AGES: 12 - Adult]

Mood Lamp Image
01 - Mood Lamp
(Month 1)
Put together a lamp that changes colors and only turns on when it's dark!
Memory Game Image
02 - Memory Game
(Month 2)
Build a fun game that randomly generates sequences of colors!
Distance Detector Image
03 - Distance Detector
(Month 3)
Program an ultrasonic sensor to detect the distance of an object!
What People Say About Us
STEM.org rates Creation Crate in the top 5% of all STEM products. You can be sure that you're getting quality material when you subscribe to Creation Crate.
Tyler Wallace (5 out of 5) on trustpilot.com 5 Stars
The boxes have been really interesting, and even though they take hours for me to complete, they never bore me. I have modified some of the designs to be more permanent, like the lock box design. Which I integrated into a brief case.
Michael G. (4 out of 5) on cratejoy.com 5 Stars
I ordered 3 month gift for my son at Christmas... Received first 2 boxes... third box arrived very late. I was contacted by Creation Crate and was explained the situation regarding the late delivery. I appreciate that Creation Crate reached out to me to explain and I feel better about my purchase as they are taking measures to improve their customer service. The projects themselves are a great learning experience.
Sarah L. (5 out of 5) on cratejoy.com 5 Stars
First project was a success, pretty sure I'm a wizard now. Instructions good for someone with NO experience. Looking forward to next crate!
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